Fire Pit Kits! On sale now!

Fire Pit Kits!

We make it easy for you to have your outdoor space unique and fun! With this Fire Pit Kit you only have to choose the color/ type of wall stone to enhance your yard. The rest is ready for you to install.

You get to choose from 3 wall stones:

 * West Mountain wall stone

* Lilac wall stone

 * Blue wall stone

Blue Slate
Blue Wall Stone
Sunrise Valley Blend
West Mountain
Lilac Wall Stone
Lilac Wall Stone

Along with the wall stone comes, 4 bags of Quikrete Morter mix, 1/2 Ton Screenings and an optional Ton of 2A modified (for a longer lasting sub base). This Fire Pit Kit is only $350!

Come in and choose your Fire Pit Kit now while you can still enjoy it this fall. We look forward to seeing you!