Mulch before those bulbs pop up!!


It is already March, and spring is at our door step! That means it is time to Mulch. When you look outside it is grey-brown but we all seem to forget the hurry spring is in once the days get longer and the sun shines warmly. With in a few days everything turns green, the air smells like newly turned earth, and those birds and nature are just bursting with excitement.

You may be walking around your yard and looking at your “empty” flower beds and gardens and brown grass. They won’t be empty or brown for long!

Have you ever tried mulching in June when all the plants are in full bloom? It is not fun! Lifting each flower and leaf and going around everything, is very time and energy consuming to say the least. Give your perennials and bulbs a good start by mulching before they bloom so they can grow to their full beauty and potential. Here are some tips on how to mulch effectively.

When you mulch in March you are giving your plants an encouraging blanket of warmth, and allowing them to hold and retain water. In our experience, it is so much easier to let the flowers grow up through the mulch.

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