Grass Seed and Sod

Does your yard have bare patches from all the rain runoff and erosion this winter? Maybe you threw some grass seed down late last year without a protecting cover and only half of it grew?

Your yard has beautiful shade trees, but they don’t allow sun in some parts of your yard for regular grass seed growth. These are all common problems and with a little education and a little advice they can be fixed, for a beautiful grass covered yard!

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Grass comes in many varieties from bamboo and sugarcane to turf for our yards. We will cover a little about turf and the many kinds of turf grass commonly known and available for yards.

Kentucky Bluegrass – Known for its rich dark color, fine texture, and cold and stress tolerance it is ideal for medium to high maintenance applications. Plants spread laterally by a unique system of undergrounds stems or rhizomes. This knitted rhizome network holds the turf together for better performance on athletic fields and sod.

Ryegrass – Perennial Ryegrass is principally known for its quick germination and rapid establishment, giving them the ability to crowd out weeds and competitive plants. Improved turf types have dark green, fine texture that is comparable with Kentucky Bluegrass. Perennial Ryegrass is well adapted for a wide range of climates and conditions, including compacted and fairly poor soils.

Turf Type Tall Fescue – New proprietary varieties have finer leaves, darker green color, and reduced growing height. The new Tall Fescue varieties have retained their wear, shade and drought tolerant characteristics. They require less fertilizer and water compared to Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass. Their deeper root system will allow Tall Fescue to stay green longer in the summer.

Fine Fescue – Another shade and drought tolerant turf grass, Fine Fescue has fine leaves and which lose less moisture in hot sunny weather. The many varieties mix well with Kentucky and Ryegrass. Ideal for hard to mow areas and steep slopes.

Other specialty yard plants –  White Clover, Crownvetch, Red Top, are all low maintenance for hard to mow areas and low wet areas.

Did you know that most grass seed is grown in Oregon? SEEDWAY®, our supplier, owns land in Oregon and grows most of their own grass seed so they have better control of the quality and purity of their seed. We provide you with the best we can offer! No middle men between the farm and your yard.

Here are the main types of grass seed we offer and where they should be used:

Pro Landscape Mixture – Quality general purpose mixture combining quick establishment, Dark green color and fine texture. Popular for new lawn and a wide range of soils.

Dura Turf Mixture – Permanent, cost effective mixture featuring quick establishment and durability, with a wide spectrum of adaptability.

Sunny Mixture – Provides a well rounded mix that blends with existing stands in full sun areas and exhibits a wide range of adaptability

Shady Mixture – Provides improved performance in areas that sun-loving varieties fail to thrive, while maintaining the texture and color of sunny area mixes.

Sun and Shade Mixture – Provides a lush green lawn adapted to most light conditions ranging from full sun to moderately shaded areas.

Summer Stress Lawn Mixture –  Performs well in full sun to partial shade providing improved tolerance to heat, drought and wear requiring less fertility and water than sunny or shade mixes.

Try-Rye Blend – designed to provide quick cover with a  wide spectrum of traits and disease tolerance.

Sod –  Don’t want to wait 1-3 weeks for your grass to grow? We have beautiful sod, that you can lay down have an instantly green and luscious yard! We provide you with a locally grown product designed to thrive in our climate, cut to order, and fresh.


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