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Christmas Trees at Conestoga Stone for 2017

Conestoga Stone will have Christmas Trees available starting the day after Thanksgiving, November 24th until the day before Christmas Eve, December 23rd. 

We will have coffee and hot chocolate that you can enjoy while warming yourself by our fire-pit after selecting your perfect Frazer or Douglas Fur Christmas tree! We will be open Monday through Saturday 7am-8pm. We will be closed Christmas Eve.

Our Community Spirit!

Conestoga Stone is proud to be an active part of our local community. Within this past year we have sponsored and participated  in several community events such as Coventry Woods Festival, Kimberton Hunt Annual Show, Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show, OJR Baseball Sponsor, Coventry Community Day at Warwick Park, and the Elverson Halloween Parade.

We look forward to serving our community and customers in 2018 as well. Here are a few pictures from the events.


Fire Pit Kits! On sale now!

Fire Pit Kits!

We make it easy for you to have your outdoor space unique and fun! With this Fire Pit Kit you only have to choose the color/ type of wall stone to enhance your yard. The rest is ready for you to install.

You get to choose from 3 wall stones:

 * West Mountain wall stone

* Lilac wall stone

 * Blue wall stone

Blue Slate
Blue Wall Stone
Sunrise Valley Blend
West Mountain
Lilac Wall Stone
Lilac Wall Stone

Along with the wall stone comes, 4 bags of Quikrete Morter mix, 1/2 Ton Screenings and an optional Ton of 2A modified (for a longer lasting sub base). This Fire Pit Kit is only $350!

Come in and choose your Fire Pit Kit now while you can still enjoy it this fall. We look forward to seeing you!


July Special-Decorative Stone 10% OFF – Mulching with Stone

During this month of July we will be running a special of 10% off Decorative Stone and Gravel.  You can use this material in small or large amounts to enhance flower pots, small flower beds, waterscapes, and walkways.

pond 005

Stone mulch comes in many different colors, sizes and shapes. You can choose attributes that will be most becoming in your landscape. The stones can also act as an edge for a flower bed. This will keep the organic mulch and soil around your flowers from washing away.

decorative stone1

Step 1: Landscape Fabric

Before you begin laying your decorative stone mulch, lay down a layer of landscape fabric where you wish your mulch to be. The fabric will help keep weeds down, though some determined weeds will grow through it. The landscape fabric will also be helpful if you ever decide you don’t wish to have decorative stone mulch, or wish to move the mulch. If you do decide to move the mulch, you can simply fold it into the fabric and move it.

Step 2: Laying the Mulch

You should not lay down more than a few inches of mulch. If you add too much mulch, water can saturate the area and will not drain well. Stone mulch comes in several different colors and sizes. If you buy several batches, you may choose to alternate the color and size of the stones. This will add interest to your garden, and make it more appealing.

TIP: When using stone mulch in an area that will be frequently walked, or driven on, choose an angular stone rather than a round stone. Angular stones pack together to create a firm surface. Round stones always remain loose and will roll under your foot or vehicle.

Step 3: Cleaning Stone

Decorative stone mulch has a tendency to collect debris. Do not lay the stone under trees unless you want to continuously clean the stones. To clean the stones, use a leaf vacuum to suck up the extra debris. This will keep the area looking clean and tidy.

decorative stone2

Step 4: Watering

You will need to keep a close eye on how much water your plants are receiving. You do not want them to drown, or to become dehydrated. Stick your finger into the soil around the base of the plant. If the surrounding soil is damp, you do not need to water the plants right away. However, if the soil is dry, give your plants a good amount of water. Because stone does not leave nutrients in the soil, you will need to fertilize your plants periodically.

Step 5: Weeds

While stone mulch will suppress weeds, it will not stop them completely. Pull weeds as soon as you see them. This will prevent them from propagating. Pull up as much root as possible, although this may be difficult with the landscape fabric.

Stone mulch is an attractive, permanent feature in your garden. Proper care will keep it, and your garden looking good.

TIP: Some stone mulches contain limestone and should not be used around acid-loving plants.

We serve customers in and around, Coventry, Pottstown, Glenmoore, Morgantown, Birchrunville, Chester Springs, and Elverson areas.


All Palletized Stone on SALE during June!!

 June is a time for grilling and s’mores, backyard fun and relaxation, graduations and weddings. Enhance your entertaining space with a hardscape patio, fire pit, walk way, or wall.


Come in and see how many color and size options we have! There is natural stone for any space and any budget. Talk to our friendly and helpful staff to see what works for you!














Conestoga Stone Landscape Supply Yard serves customers in and around, Coventry, Pottstown, Glenmoore, Morgantown, Birchrunville, Chester Springs, and Elverson areas.


Grass Seed and Sod

Does your yard have bare patches from all the rain runoff and erosion this winter? Maybe you threw some grass seed down late last year without a protecting cover and only half of it grew?

Your yard has beautiful shade trees, but they don’t allow sun in some parts of your yard for regular grass seed growth. These are all common problems and with a little education and a little advice they can be fixed, for a beautiful grass covered yard!

Photo Curtesy of Wikepedia
Photo Curtesy of Wikipedia

Grass comes in many varieties from bamboo and sugarcane to turf for our yards. We will cover a little about turf and the many kinds of turf grass commonly known and available for yards.

Kentucky Bluegrass – Known for its rich dark color, fine texture, and cold and stress tolerance it is ideal for medium to high maintenance applications. Plants spread laterally by a unique system of undergrounds stems or rhizomes. This knitted rhizome network holds the turf together for better performance on athletic fields and sod.

Ryegrass – Perennial Ryegrass is principally known for its quick germination and rapid establishment, giving them the ability to crowd out weeds and competitive plants. Improved turf types have dark green, fine texture that is comparable with Kentucky Bluegrass. Perennial Ryegrass is well adapted for a wide range of climates and conditions, including compacted and fairly poor soils.

Turf Type Tall Fescue – New proprietary varieties have finer leaves, darker green color, and reduced growing height. The new Tall Fescue varieties have retained their wear, shade and drought tolerant characteristics. They require less fertilizer and water compared to Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass. Their deeper root system will allow Tall Fescue to stay green longer in the summer.

Fine Fescue – Another shade and drought tolerant turf grass, Fine Fescue has fine leaves and which lose less moisture in hot sunny weather. The many varieties mix well with Kentucky and Ryegrass. Ideal for hard to mow areas and steep slopes.

Other specialty yard plants –  White Clover, Crownvetch, Red Top, are all low maintenance for hard to mow areas and low wet areas.

Did you know that most grass seed is grown in Oregon? SEEDWAY®, our supplier, owns land in Oregon and grows most of their own grass seed so they have better control of the quality and purity of their seed. We provide you with the best we can offer! No middle men between the farm and your yard.

Here are the main types of grass seed we offer and where they should be used:

Pro Landscape Mixture – Quality general purpose mixture combining quick establishment, Dark green color and fine texture. Popular for new lawn and a wide range of soils.

Dura Turf Mixture – Permanent, cost effective mixture featuring quick establishment and durability, with a wide spectrum of adaptability.

Sunny Mixture – Provides a well rounded mix that blends with existing stands in full sun areas and exhibits a wide range of adaptability

Shady Mixture – Provides improved performance in areas that sun-loving varieties fail to thrive, while maintaining the texture and color of sunny area mixes.

Sun and Shade Mixture – Provides a lush green lawn adapted to most light conditions ranging from full sun to moderately shaded areas.

Summer Stress Lawn Mixture –  Performs well in full sun to partial shade providing improved tolerance to heat, drought and wear requiring less fertility and water than sunny or shade mixes.

Try-Rye Blend – designed to provide quick cover with a  wide spectrum of traits and disease tolerance.

Sod –  Don’t want to wait 1-3 weeks for your grass to grow? We have beautiful sod, that you can lay down have an instantly green and luscious yard! We provide you with a locally grown product designed to thrive in our climate, cut to order, and fresh.


We serve customers in and around, Coventry, Pottstown, Glenmoore, Morgantown, Birchrunville, Chester Springs, and Elverson areas



Soil or Dirt: Why is it important?

What feeds your yard and gardens naturally besides sun and rain?

Soil! Most plants need a well-balanced, well-draining, fertile soil to thrive. The top one to six inches of soil is the most vital and hold about 70% of the life of plants but what is a well-balanced soil?

Soil Layers

There are several elements necessary for a well-balanced soil and here are the most commonly known:

  • pH< – acidity and alkalinity of soil is measured by pH the ideal fertile soil range is 6.3 to 6.8
  • Calcium – balances nitrogen, neutralizes toxic materials, increases cell density.
  • Phosphorus – storage and transfer of plant energy, root development, and disease resistance.
  • Potassium – essential for photosynthesis, promotes root reserves, increases yield.
  • Nitrogen – predominant role and needed in large amounts but is usually deficient; an example is compost
  • Magnesium –  is needed with phosphorus, essential in chlorophyll (Green grass)
  • Boron – promotes increased sets of flowers, fruit, seeds, and quality; necessary for nitrogen conversion.

To know what your soil needs you can test your soil at home with a home soil test kit available at most garden centers or through seed catalogs, or you can send a sample to the PA Department of Agriculture.

fertile vs infertile soil

This is a list of the soils Conestoga Stone carries to balance or improve your soil.

  • Mushroom Compost – organic substances are processed into a loamy consistent homogeneous by-product. Mushroom compost is great to add to any soil mixtures for much needed nutrients.
  • Leaf Composthas many nutrients especially nitrogen; is good to put underneath your mulch as a natural fertilizer if your soil is already well-balanced.
  • Soil King – is ideal for new yards or new garden beds it has most all nutrients needed to grow beautiful vegetation the first year.
  • Premium Topsoil – is nutrient-rich with small amounts of sand for good drainage.
  • Screened Topsoil – not as nutrient-rich as premium topsoil but is more economical for large spaces and filling in holes in your yard.
  • Raw Top Soil – is usually used as a top-dressing on brand-new yards may contain small stones and has a fair amount of nutrients.
  • Raw Fill Dirt – only needed underneath top soils and top dressings; contains clay, rocks, some sand; not high in nutrients; ideal for backfilling walls and basements.

If you have your soil tested and it only needs one or two maybe three special nutrients we also carry fertilizers. Come in and talk with Kevin to see what is best for your yard and Gardens.